Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Years!

     January 1, 2012 the very 1st and last time this wonderful date will come. And with the excitement of a new year comes the excitement of new problems and questions. Well I will start by updating you on the new years party that I went to with my grandmother. It was surprisingly kind of fun. It did have its cons though. The food taste old and the people where kind of annoying. Plus it was so crowded I could hardly hear my self think. Not to mention that my grandma had her mood swings. Honestly if it weren't for her age I would have sworn she was pmsing. But good did come out of it. I won a couple of prices from some of the games they where playing, plus I met some cool people. A couple of the people brought there kids or grand-kids. Most of them were younger than me, but the couple that were my age or older where pretty cool. I made a some new fb friends, and got some numbers (worry not, the numbers were from girls). One of the girls asked me an interesting question and my grandma asked me to join in on her new years resolution, but I think i'll save that for another post. For now happy new years. Also don't forget to check out the new features I added the the blog. Ta Ta For Now!

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