Sunday, January 1, 2012

Exercising Chickens!

     My whole life I have always been skinny, but to my grandma who randomly decided that her new years resolution was to join a gym I was fat as a jack. She randomly thought that I should join her resolution and exercise at the gym with her. I really would not mind, its just I'm kind of busy and it would add more to my plate. Its not like either of us really need to lose wait. We are both quite skinny, but she really wants to. I wouldn't mind, I could stop exercising with my dad every Tuesday, but I'm just not sure if I want to take on any extra activities right now. What do you think, should I join a gym?

Pineapple Book Club!

     Remember the girl from my "Happy New Years" post? Well for now lets just call her the pretty pineapple (pp). Pp offered me to join her book club. Now usually I would jump at the chance to join her interesting looking book club, but of course the only thing in my way was . . . . . . . . The Announcements! Yes in an earlier  post I explained how I do the announcements at my school. Well it is a club that I go to after school every Wednesday. And guess when the book club is! They meet every 2 weeks on Wednesday, and my grandma really wants me to join. So what do I do? Do I go to that club one Wednesday and video tech another, do I just stay at video tech and slightly disappoint my grandma, or do I go to the club and disappoint my self?

The New Book Look

    I did not always enjoy reading books. I remember when I was younger and my dad would make me read books with what seemed like a lot of words. And I hated it. I hated that I always messed up, I hated it when he would make me just read all together, but mostly I hated the fact that sometimes he would even make me read it again. It was a well known fact that I didn't like reading (well at least in my head). But soon that would all change, once I started to understand what I was reading I started to enjoy it, starting with Ramona and Beezus to Romeo and Juliet.And I became good at it to. I was one of the best readers in my class. But nothing and I mean nothing prepared me for the pretty pineapple to offer me to join a book club.

Happy New Years!

     January 1, 2012 the very 1st and last time this wonderful date will come. And with the excitement of a new year comes the excitement of new problems and questions. Well I will start by updating you on the new years party that I went to with my grandmother. It was surprisingly kind of fun. It did have its cons though. The food taste old and the people where kind of annoying. Plus it was so crowded I could hardly hear my self think. Not to mention that my grandma had her mood swings. Honestly if it weren't for her age I would have sworn she was pmsing. But good did come out of it. I won a couple of prices from some of the games they where playing, plus I met some cool people. A couple of the people brought there kids or grand-kids. Most of them were younger than me, but the couple that were my age or older where pretty cool. I made a some new fb friends, and got some numbers (worry not, the numbers were from girls). One of the girls asked me an interesting question and my grandma asked me to join in on her new years resolution, but I think i'll save that for another post. For now happy new years. Also don't forget to check out the new features I added the the blog. Ta Ta For Now!