Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Even Deeper!

     So I realized that I still haven't really explained much about my self even though I have already posted 2 post explaining my life. But I think you might be able to make a better decisions if you know more about me. Well here goes. Do you remember me explaining how I edit announcements at my school. Well it is only a small part of computers that I like. This Christmas my dad just got me a computer book (along with my mom who got me a brand new laptop). The only thing I lake is good decision making and I promised my mom I would do something useful with these computer, but not just with video games. That is kind of why I started this blog. I will explain more deeply as we go along with the poles (which I will stick by and follow).

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Old People Party!

     My grandma is in town and she wants me to come to her friends party. The only problem is I am not sure I want to go. I mean I would do anything for my grandma but I'm not quite sure that I want to put my self threw this. What do you think???

Money Honey!

     If you read my earlier post you will notice that I said that my family is broke and I'm not kidding, this is why I am thinking of finding and job somewhere to help my family. The only thing is I am legally to young! I can still find a job though. I could clean my families houses (like aunt and uncles). Stuff like that, so should I get a job? And if I do what do you think it should be? Please post and comment! Thanks!


      Okay, I guess I should explain things a little deeper. I found out that a person a care deeply for (who we shall call Bones) is on drugs. Bones dose not know that I know on the other hand. And well this is the beginning of the end:( I'm 13 and I have been to 3 schools. My first school was a small private school (I only went to a private school because in preschool my teacher said I had trouble paying attention in big class rooms). That is where I met and became great friends with raspberry. While all this was going on Bones was helping take care of me and of course no one was aware of what was going on with the drugs (which Bones was on while caring for me). The second school I went to was a bigger private school, but still a small one. There I got separated with raspberry, yet we still stayed in contact over the phone. I made other friends though. There I met to amazing people which we will call orange and mango. Soon I would go to my 3rd school, the school I am currently at now (it is my 1st year to).  It is a huge public school. Raspberry also goes there. I lost contact with orange ,but I still am in contact with mango. I joined a club called video tech and                          edit the announcements at my school. My parents are separated and a stay at my grandmas sometime (no point in giving them names cause we won't talk about them much). Oh and were broke. And there you have it. You now everything about my life!

The Fruit Speak The Truth

     Now I am not going to talk about fruit all day, and if that is why you came here you have the wrong blog. This blog is about my life and my "Magic Karma," and before you assume I am just about to rant about how my life is going good or bad than you would be wrong my friend. I created this blog because I am experimenting with my life. I am going threw an interesting time with my life right now and my friend which will will refer to as raspberry gave me a brilliant idea which was to create and blog where people decide my life and see if things maybe take a turn for the better. Starting now!